Weekend Meets

We stay at a variety of places including youth hostels, independent hostels, club huts and chalets/cottages. We normally assemble on the Friday evening (but check newsletter details for long weekend meets). You are welcome to attend weekend/long weekend meets for a day provided you discuss with the Meet Contact in advance.
We aim to provide gender segregated sleeping accommodation but this may not always be possible due to the nature of the accommodation or the presence of other users. Check the situation with the meet contact for the event when booking 
Normally, everyone brings their own breakfasts and lunches. When sending out final details, the Meet Contact will ask everyone to bring a food contribution to a communal dinner on Saturday evening. If you have any dietary requirements please let the Meet Contact know when you book so that this can be included n food planning The cost of communal meals will be shared equally, so remember to bring some change. 
There is a fixed cost (excluding food and transport) to cover accommodation for a weekend. This is paid to the Club during the event, unless we are staying in a SYHA hostel. Please note that if you book a place on a meet and are subsequently unable to attend, you may be asked to make a contribution towards the cost of the unused place.
Where we stay at a SYHA hostel the Club does not make a block booking. The manager will normally have been told that we are coming. Please contact the Meet Contact before booking at the hostel (in case thre have been changes), and on booking the hostel mention that you are a member of SCHC. Hostels accept bookings on a first come, first served basis so early booking is always advised.
We always walk on Saturdays. On Sundays, some people walk while others to to a local Church, or leave early to attend their own home church; we aim to have a time of informal worship together one evening during the meet.
All hill groups must complete a route card including route and time of return, in accordance with good safety practice. On Saturdays this should be left at the accommodation or with a responsible person who is not a member of the party. On Sundays, where people head home directly after a walk, the route card should be left with a responsible person who is not walking, with arrangements made to advise them of a safe return from the hill. 
Please help with a prompt departure in the mornings, by selecting the walk that you want to go on during the previous evening. The Club has a small fund which is available to provide financial assistance to those who might otherwise be unable to attend meets. If you or you know of someone who might benefit, please contact the Club Chair in strict confidence.